HODL Bitcoin Color Changing Mug | Black / White


A Bitcoin Color Changing Mug. Made from white ceramic, with a C handle, it comes 11oz and 15oz sizes. No true coffee drinking bitcoiner can have a desk without one.

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A Bitcoin Color Changing Mug is the ideal gift and a must have for any Bitcoin OG (gone are the days where you could only buy a pair of alpaca socks with bitcoin).

Bring a sense of magic and wonder to your breakfast table with this new age mug! Changing color right before your eyes it brings a sense of fun and curiosity to those around you. It comes 11oz and 15oz sizes. This OG Bitcoiner mug is the perfect way to enjoy your favourite warm drinks in style!

Please get in touch with us to create large orders or if you have any one off color requests. We will be happy to customise the mug so it is perfect for you.

.: White ceramic
.: 11oz. (0.33 l) and 15oz. (0.44 l)
.: Rounded corners
.: C-handle

11oz 15oz
Height, cm 9.50 12.00
Diameter, cm 8.00 8.00


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